The discovery of the tourism vocation for our family has, however, a precise date: it was October 1990 when, in the centre of the Roman town and Patriarchate of Aquileia, we took over a building, already premises of an old local hotel, transforming it into the Hotel Patriarchi and making it into a creation of which we are particularly proud.

The hotel, registered as historic premises by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, stands in a strategic position along the via Julia Augusta a few metres from the Patriarchal Basilica: from its bedrooms you can enjoy the view of the Basilica complex and its imposing bell tower built in 1031 by Patriarch Popone, as well as archaeological excavations with the remains of Roman era houses and markets.

The pearl of the hotel is the multi-use room that we have made taking into account guests' requirements (seating for 250, air conditioning, video projection, screen, amplification, computer and wireless network for the Internet) and highlighting the historic distinctiveness of Aquileia, with the recovery and display of Roman remains contained within the foundations of the room and with panels depicting the mosaics of the mosaic floor of the Basilica.

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